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Breast surgery is becoming more and more common in Sweden

The number of breast surgeries performed increases every year and is now performed more often than any other aesthetic operation. The risk of complications is getting smaller and smaller as both implants and surgical procedures develop.

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The years bring wrinkles and sagging skin

Over the years, the skin's elasticity decreases while the layer of subcutaneous fat gets thinner. The result is wrinkled, saggy skin, especially in the lower part of the face and neck. The natural wrinkles on the face become more pronounced and so can make you look more tired and miserable.  

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Details make perfection

News 2022-11-21

Welcome to Citadellkliniken!


Get to know our specialist plastic surgeons

Two specialist plastic surgeons are working at Citadellkliniken. Peter Cosmo and Jörg Bohn. The clinic is widely known for its technology which creates the most natural looking breasts. All of our satisfied patients function as a good grade for both the clinic and our unique way of working. As a patient with us, you will be well cared for and guaranteed high levels of safety and quality in terms of both care and results.

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Meet our skincare team

The skincare team at the Citadellkliniken in Malmö consists of specially-trained skin beauticians and injection nurses who are dedicated and passionate about their profession and work closely with our doctors. This way, we can offer our clients and patients a wide range of treatments, individually or in combination for the best possible results.

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