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Facial surgery

Over the years, the skin's elasticity decreases while the layer of subcutaneous fat gets thinner. The result is wrinkled, saggy skin, especially in the lower part of the face and neck. The natural wrinkles on the face become more pronounced and so can make you look more tired and miserable. 


Give the face a lift

By freeing the skin from the underlying structures, we can stretch the muscle up and back and then drape the skin into a new position. The incision is made in the hairline, in front of and behind the ear and thus becomes almost invisible. The operation is performed under light anaesthesia and takes just over two hours.

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Prerequisites and possibilities for rhinoplasty

In the first place, a rhinoplasty is intended to change the proportions of the nose in the face. It’s important that you fully understand what is reasonable to expect to achieve from a nose operation and what limitations there are. This will be discussed at the consultation before surgery. In some cases, there may be more than one visit before surgery to discuss the circumstances and possibilities.

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Forehead Lift

Does your forehead need a lift?

Sunken eyebrows, deep vertical folds in your forehead and wrinkles between the eyes can be remedied with a forehead lift. The procedure is done under light anaesthesia and local anaesthesia and takes about an hour and a half. Overnight stays are not considered necessary.

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Heavy and hanging eyelids?

A combination of hereditary predispositions and reduced skin elasticity over the years is the cause of heavy hanging eyelids. The reduced elasticity also makes the fat under the eyelids bulge out. These together make your eyes less visible with a constantly tired look

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Ear plastic surgery

Angling protruding ears inwards

If your ears stick very far out from your head, they can be angled back and adjusted via incisions behind the ears.

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Chin and cheek implants

Prior to surgery, materials and implants will be discussed with your surgeon.

Face implants have been in use for a long time and are available in various shapes and materials. We use silicone, which is proven to work. Before surgery, you’ll discuss the pros and cons with your surgeon and choose implants together. You’ll be informed of the risks and the normal course of action.

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