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Liposuction or liposculpture is, just as the name implies, about sculpting the body. To make the body's natural contours and shapes more, or less, prominent.

Who can have liposuction?

If, despite proper diet and exercise, you cannot reduce localised fat build-up, liposuction is often a good choice. It’s important to point out that liposuction is not an alternative to dieting and therefore not a good method in cases of obesity.

Generally, the skin in younger people is more elastic than in the elderly, which means results are better. But everyone, regardless of age and gender, of reasonably normal weight, good skin, and areas with localised fat deposits can do a liposuction.

The technology

The various technologies of liposuction

We do not do liposuction with ultrasound, because it increases the risk of, among other things, skin burns. There are several different technologies used in liposuction. For all the methods, large amounts of fluid, adrenaline and local anaesthetics are injected into the area. This is done partly to reduce bleeding and pain, and partly to separate the fat so that the result is more even.

At Citadellkliniken, we use Micro Air, a modern technology that gives a smooth result with minimal bruising and very little pain after the operation.

Micro Air means that the liposuction cannula vibrates and dissolves the fat which makes it easier to suck out. In addition to the technology being easy to work with, it stimulates the subcutaneous tissue which makes it easier for it to contract after treatment. Micro Air is the most widely used and recommended method by major cosmetic clinics in Europe.

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What happens in a liposuction?

Start by booking a time for consultation. During the visit you’ll meet your plastic surgeon, the same person who will operate on you. Together you’ll go through your expectations and what the operation entails.

At the same time, the areas you want to correct will be examined, your skin quality will be checked and the amount of fat to be removed will be calculated. We also do a general health check to ensure that the surgery and anaesthesia will not be dangerous to you.

If everything is good at the examination and you feel satisfied, you can then book an operating time together with one of our nurses.

Other questions - liposuction

For more questions about the procedure itself, about our prices, or if you want to book a consultation time you can contact us, see below.

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