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There are many small procedures that can be done in addition to all the major operations. Among other things, labiaplasty, varicose veins and moving body fat into wrinkles and skin folds.


As the development of plastic surgery progresses, surgery becomes more gentle and the anaesthetics become less taxing, which means that the recovery period after the surgery is shorter now than before.

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Male mammary glands. The purpose is to remove troublesome mammary glands. This is done via a semi-circular incision in the lower half of the nipple.

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Inner labiaplasty

If you are troubled by your inner labia being large and hanging outside the outer ones, this can be remedied with a labiaplasty. The inconvenience can be both functional and cosmetic.

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Inre blygdläppsplastik

Varicose veins

Varicose veins on the legs usually cause cosmetic problems. But in some cases, you may also have functional disorders such as itching, weight loss and swelling of the legs. The surgery can usually be done under local anaesthesia.

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