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Before your treatment, we always recommend that you book a time for aa consultation, so that we can look at the condition of your skin, and what it is that you want to achieve by the treatment. We also go over what you should think about during the treatment and answer any questions you may have.


Advanced microneedling treatment

Dermapen 4 is an advanced microneedling treatment that uses 16 sterile disposable needles that make up to 1,920 holes in the skin per second with an automatic vibrating function. This stimulates new production of natural collagen, while creating fine microchannels in the skin. The channels increase the skin's ability to absorb nutrients and moisture.

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M22 - Laser and IPL

Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vessels and scars

As the first clinic of all in Malmö to do so, we’re proud to work with IPL and the M22 laser machine from Lumenis. This is a fantastic compact solution for light-based skin treatments such as skin rejuvenation, pigmentations, blood vessels and scars. 

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M22 - Laser och IPL

Permanent hair reduction

Reducing the hair's ability to grow

Hair reduction with LightSheer is a safe, non-invasive treatment that reduces the number of persistently re-growing hair. The laser light is used to damage the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue of the skin. This reduces the hair's ability to grow back again.

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Permanent hårreducering

Cellu M6 Integral / LPG treatment


LPG treatment is the latest high-tech device on the market. Reduces cellulite and scarring, sculpts the body and gives smoother, more supple skin as well as relieving muscle and joint pain. The treatment is a non-surgical, painless connective tissue massage that improves blood circulation, increases lymph drainage and improves skin condition.

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Cellu M6 Integral/LPG behandling

Facial treatments

Cleansing and peeling

Our facial treatments are available in different formats to suit your skin's needs. The treatments are cleansing and moisturising and are tailored for the desired effect.

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Chemical peeling

Smoother, healthier and firmer skin

A peel with glycolic acid helps the skin become smoother, healthier and firmer. The skin is fully moisturised and has a more even pigmentation. The removal of dead skin cells stimulates the skin to generate new skin cells, which gives a beautiful glow. Peels are always tailored to skin problems and needs.

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Kemisk peeling

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