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Breast enlargement

At Citadellkliniken you get a unique feeling of safety before, during and after your breast enlargement. With us, the risks of complications are extremely low and the beautiful, natural form of the results is both a popular topic for discussion, and a cause for high demand. Find out why we do so well here.

Breast enlargement with perfect results

It’s as important to avoid complications from a breast enlargement, as it is to create beautiful breasts that harmonise with your own body. In order to get the most natural form of a breast enlargement, over the years we’ve developed a unique and special bandage - which only we are using.


Underwired bra - The function of the bandage

The tight-fitting underwire marks the new line under the breast. It is important that the line ends up at exactly the right level, therefore your surgeon needs to check the position before sending you home and on your return visits. 

The strap placed on the upper part of the breast pushes volume down to the lower parts. In this way, we avoid the unnatural curvature that otherwise occurs in the upper parts.

  You’ll wear the bandage around the clock for four weeks and during this time, the natural and attractive shape that we’re so famous for creating will gradually emerge. 

Our technology

Our unique technology for breast enlargement

With us you get a special bandage from the day of surgery, which you’ll then wear around the clock for four weeks.

The bandage consists of a tight-fitting, underwired bra without cups and a wide elastic band placed on the upper part of the chest. The band’s job is to squeeze volume from the upper parts to the lower, while the underwire creates a marked fold under the breast and at the same time ensures that the implants do not end up too low.

The bandage gradually shapes your breasts and gives them the beautiful, natural look that is both in demand and widely discussed nowadays, and is unique to Citadellkliniken.

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The shape from our unique breast enlargements

In order to achieve a natural appearance, it’s important that the breasts become droplet-shaped; the nipple just above the middle, largest volume in the lower part of the breast and that the line below is clearly marked. Unfortunately, we see far too many breast enlargements (from other clinics) where sports bra were used after surgery and where the breasts have an unnatural bulge/lumpiness in the upper part.

Right size

In order to create harmonious breasts, it’s important that you get implants that fit your body. And, in order for breast augmentation to meet your expectations, it’s important that you know what changes you want. If you want full breasts after your breast enlargement, we would choose a high-profile implant, which gives greater volume. The volume is measured in millilitres (same as cc). You can choose implants from 200 ml up to 1050 ml with different projections. In our breast enlargement brochure you can find several great tips on how to find the perfect size for you.


Breast width

During your consultation visit, the width of your breasts are measured. The width is the distance from the centre of the chest to the outer parts of the chest. This measure is unique to each patient and determines the width of the implant to fit your body and your dimensions. It’s important that this measurement is made accurately and followed relatively precisely when choosing the implant width. If you follow this measurement you get a satisfactory width of the gap between the breasts. The gap should definitely not be too wide between the breasts, but they should also not be right next to each other.


Find the right base diameter

Today's implants are available in a variety of basic diameters because each person has their own chest wall dimension, from the centre out to the edge where the breast ends. We measure you during your consultation, as this is the basis for the diameter we choose for your implants.

The diameter of the implant cannot vary too widely as it should match your ribcage. If your dimensions are 12.5 centimetres, your implants will be that size as well.

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Chest projection

Chest projection is measured from the chest wall to the nipple. By using implants of varying heights, you can achieve the projection each patient wants. The lowest projection, which produces the most discreet breast enlargement, is called the Mini. The projection then gradually increases with the next height, called Demi, followed by Full and finally Corsé which gives the most projection and is the highest. The most common and most natural breast enlargement is generally provided by Mini and Demi.   


Find the right projection for the breasts

The height of the implants is called the projection. A low projection gives your breasts a soft profile and a discreet breast enlargement. A higher projection gives you a prominent breast profile with a more obvious breast enlargement.

Nowadays, there are four different projections to choose from. Motiva uses the names Mini, Demi, Full and Coursé, from a low to an ultra-high profile.

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The location of the scar

The scar from a breast enlargement can be placed in one of three different locations: Around the nipple, under the breast and in the armpit. At Citadellkliniken, we find that placement in the armpit is by far the most discreet.  The scar heals to a thin line and is almost invisible after three to six months. Initially, the scar is slightly pink but it fades gradually. Since we do almost all of our breast enlargements via the armpit and have done for the last ten years, we’ve accumulated a unique level of experience with this technique. The placement of the scar in the armpit does not entail any increased risk of complications. We can also change implants and correct implant positions via the armpit.  We can put in sizes of up to 1050 ml, which makes us unique at this moment in time.    

The scar

The location of the scar from a breast enlargement

There are three places for the scars to be located in a breast enlargement operation; in the armpit, under the breast, or around the nipple. Most of our customers choose the armpits. On the one hand, there are no special risks due to the location, and on the other, the scars become barely visible and fade completely after a while. Now, we can also insert very large implants via the armpit, up to 1050 ml, which only we can do so far in Sweden.

Read more about how we choose the scar location

Replacement of implants after a breast enlargement

If you ever want to change your implants to a larger, smaller, or different shape, this can also be done via the armpit. We can also lower implants that are too high through the armpit.

What happens in a breast enlargement?

Before you make an appointment for your breast enlargement, it’s good to read up and try to decide what look and size you want your breasts to have. A good thing to do is to look for pictures of breasts that you like and which resemble the ones you want. But also to look for breast looks that you don’t want.

What happens in the consultation at the first meeting?

Then it's time to make an appointment for your consultation. It will be with the same doctor who does your breast enlargement and takes 30-45 minutes. You’ll be examined, you’ll try out implants, and you’ll determine the size and shape you want. Please bring some of your pictures with you and write down your questions. You’ll be given a lot of information so it's easy to forget your own thoughts.

After the examination, you’ll meet a nurse who can answer more questions and find out the most suitable times for your surgery. You can choose to have your breast enlargement consultation in Landskrona, Malmö or Copenhagen.

Information about the operation

On the day of surgery, you check in, you’re given a room, you take a shower and if necessary take some calming medicine. A little later you’ll meet your plastic surgeon, who takes pictures and draws on your body. Then you go to the operating room together where you’ll meet the anaesthesiologist who will sedate you.

You’ll stay at the clinic in Landskrona until the morning after. Overnight accommodation is included in the price, as we’re certain that it adds to the quality and it reduces the risk of complications. The next morning, you’ll meet with your plastic surgeon again for a signing out talk where you’ll discuss the surgery and what you need to do in the future. You’ll be given tips, advice and information on what’s important for you to know. You’ll take sick leave certificates, return visit times and painkillers with you. Arrange to have someone pick you up at the clinic.

The way to the desired result

With us you always meet the same doctor - at the consultation and all return visits, whether they take place in Landskrona or in Malmö. A lot of other clinics let nurses handle examinations and return visits. We don’t agree with this arrangement. We believe that quality and safety are better if you get to meet the plastic surgeon who performs the operation at all the checkups afterwards. At the same time, the risk of the results not being entirely successful is - significantly - reduced. We are absolutely certain about this! For any more questions about the procedure itself, about our prices or if you want to book a consultation time, you can contact us as stated below.

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