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We take care of you all the way

It’s as important to have a harmonious inside as it is to be satisfied with the outside. We’re interested in your overall well-being.

Therefore, first we sit down and talk to you and get to know you, before we do anything at all. An individual assessment is about listening and understanding, explaining and recommending. You are treated as an individual and you’ll meet the same doctor from the first consultation until the last. With us you’re not anonymous. We know who you are, we know your history and are well aware of your hopes and expectations.

It’s a security both for us and for you.

As the development progresses, the operations become more gentle and the anaesthetics less demanding. This also means that the recovery period is shorter than before. This is why most patients are sent home as soon as possible from public health care facilities. But with us, you are welcome to stay overnight.

We have plenty of beds and we therefore recommend a whole day with us because we know that it can feel safer to not have to go home when you’re still tired after anaesthesia. Maybe you’re wondering about something afterwards that we can clear up for you right away. At Citadellkliniken, our professional staff have time for you, day and night. They can give you a painkiller, answer questions, give you something nice to eat or just sit and talk by your bedside for a while. And the next day you go home calm, rested and well informed.

After one to two weeks, we see you again on the first visit after your surgery. Then we check how your healing is going and how your dressings are looking. Any stitches are removed. The final checkup takes place after about three months, when we look at the result and document it with photographs.

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